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• The visit is only possible with online day tickets or a valid annual ticket (if the day tickets are sold out, no further tickets can be booked). Day tickets are required from the age of 2.

• If you book a barbecue area (villa, pavilion or barrel), the barbecue area is available from 10 am. In addition to the barbecue area ticket, online day tickets are required to enter the park.

• Annual tickets and vouchers can be booked via the following link (clickable):

Annual passes & vouchers

• To redeem vouchers you can use the following link (clickable):

voucher portal

• Teenager: Irrland is a park that is aimed exclusively at families with children, kindergartens and school classes up to 12 years of age. The park is not suitable for young people (13-18 years). Visiting with young people between the ages of 13 and 18 is only possible in exceptional cases (prior arrangement (service@irrland.de) necessary - if, for example, a sibling is over the age of 13, the visit is definitely possible) and is only possible when accompanied by an adult. Groups of young people (from 13 years of age) and groups of adults only are not permitted access. Thank you for your understanding.